Pembroke, NH

In October of 2015, we lost my mother unexpectedly at the age of 76. She was a true matriarch and left my dad completely unprepared.

In the months that ensued, through a former broker and personal friend, Pam Bloom; we were able to donate all of the contents of the home to charity, liquidate my dad’s business of heavy machinery, tools, and equipment; simultaneously relocating from Pembroke to my home in Manchester.

During the winter months we painted every room of their house, cleaned, cleaned, cleaned and prepared the house for sale. It is at this point Pam recommended Mary Bligh of Keller Williams.

Personally knowing other brokers, however trusting Pam’s recommendation we retained Mary Bligh to list and ultimately sell their house.

The house was listed on a Thursday (MLS) and was sold four days later. Mary’s attention to detail, continual updates and empathy kept us feeling we were headed in the right direction.

Mary opted to attend the closing and sat with us to ensure there were no snags. I personally want to thank Keller Williams once again for retaining such a wonderful person. Without Mary, their house would likely still be on the market as many of them are in Pembroke and my father in bad financial position.

Thank you Mary Bligh and Keller Williams, we are forever grateful.

— Rob Bellen , Client