Mary Bligh

“I genuinely care about the people I work with. I have found that when I take care of people, life takes care of me.” -Mary Bligh, Team Leader of The Diamond Group at Keller Williams Realty Metropolitan.

Mary Bligh, has held both a real estate and broker’s license since 1989 in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Mary Bligh’s 29 years of active and successful practice is backed by her determination, focus, and continuing growth both personally and professionally. Mary continues to educate herself in both strong and weak markets which allows her to succeed in an industry where many other’s fail when the market takes a downturn.

How can Mary Bligh assist you?


Understanding the Lending Environment

Mary Bligh stays on top of knowing the fluid lending environment. As many know that the real estate crash in the 1980’s and 2005 is much attributed to the policies, and over-lending in the mortgage markets. Due to these real estate crashes, rules and regulations changed, making lending for you different to that of the home buyers before you. In fact, these rules and regulations can be a moving target. How far will your money go? What aspects of a home are hold the best investment qualities? How much money do you need to bring to the closing table? All of these questions weigh on a buyer’s mind. Mary Bligh puts the ease to these concerns, and all of your lending environment questions.


Proactive in Finding Buyers for Sellers

Mary does not spend time waiting for the perfect home to magically appear on the market, nor the perfect buyer to waltz into her office. Mary actively canvasses the inventory of homes as well as perspective buyers. Mary does this by making phone calls, creating mailers, advertising on social media, and having consistent meaningful conversations with the other 400+ agents that the KW Metropolitan offices have to offer. Mary understands that the correct buyer for your home is a moving target, and that complacency is never a strategy for success.


Timing and Presentation

Mary helps you to put your best foot forward with professional photography, staging, and marketing. This includes, marketing to the correct demographics, negotiating for your best price by identifying voids in the market, and effective communication between all parties.

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